Our story

Strachanovka chalet

is an icon of the Jánská valley. Its appearance fits perfectly into the fairytale environment of the surrounding mountains and hills. It grew on a green meadow in July 2007 and 760 cubic metres of quality spruce wood were used for its construction. Interestingly, they had to build the chalet twice. First on a trial basis on the state property in Liptovský Mikuláš and then on the spot where it still stands today.

Its owner, Ján Strachan, did not leave anything to chance and for luck he had money poured into all corners and under each supporting column. It looks like this move paid off and Strachanovka is today one of the most popular addresses for visitors to the Jánská valley.

Hotel Starchanovka *** v horskom prostredi v Jasnej

Since its inception, it has been able to respond flexibly to the demands and needs of tourists. There was a lack of establishments in the valley where you could eat well and spend time in pleasant surroundings without the need to stay.

Strachanovka managed to fill this hole skillfully and, in addition to the usual services, attracts guests to an unrepeatable atmosphere, which is also contributed by the always helpful staff. It is our service and approach to our clients that makes us different from other establishments of this kind. However, behind everything, one should look especially for the family tradition and the friendly spirit of the Strachan family.

They came to Jánska valley from Jakubian near Stara Ľubovňa and have been working here since 2000. Their first tentative attempts in the field of gastronomy have been transformed into today’s form, which is a reflection of modern times in a traditional dress. They brought the a la carte system to the valley, which was immediately established and regularly attracts many customers.

At Strachanovka, they decided to play with the guests’ senses from the very beginning. Apart from taste, of course, it is the sense of sight, which they focused on when designing the hut. Ján Strachan, who attracted the best of Slovak and Polish chalets to Liptov, is behind the chalets as they are today. That is why it can be safely described as the most beautiful building in the valley.

Chalet Strachanovka has a strategic location that allows visitors to explore the greatest treasures of the valley in a short time. Those interested in longer trips will find a bus stop in the immediate vicinity of the building, which will allow them to explore the wider surroundings, including adjacent valleys, hills, towns or water parks.

Guests staying at the hotel will also find it to their liking. The pleasant mountain environment with a babbling brook is a balm for the soul, not only for holidaymakers from the cities.